Launches Simple New Best-Price Ordering Feature


PHOENIX — launched an easy new way to save money when ordering top-quality custom buttons. With a single click of the desired delivery date on a calendar, the new system will calculate the most affordable combination of FastTrack production and shipping options. The streamlined new ordering option makes it even easier than before to obtain customized button pins with a guaranteed delivery date at the best available prices.

Since 1997, owner and operator Everyone Loves Buttons Inc.® has been using state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality American-made pin-back customized buttons. The new ordering feature is part of the company’s continuing drive to provide even better, more convenient service to all its customers.

“We’re happy to announce that our helpful new ordering feature is now available to all,” said Everyone Loves Buttons® and owner Maura Statman, “Since the very beginning, we’ve believed that ordering customized buttons should be as easy and affordable as possible. That has been an important reason for our success over the years, and we’re always looking for new ways to live up to this standard. Our new system is one of a kind and really makes it easier to save money and ensure that an order will be delivered by the date it is needed. We’re proud of this new feature and think that many of our customers are going to enjoy using it.”

Everyone Loves Buttons® was founded nearly twenty years ago in San Diego, focusing from the start on producing two-piece, pin-back, Mylar-topped custom buttons of uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices. Since then, Everyone Loves Buttons® has become a key supplier for some of the country’s most recognizable businesses, with its client list including names like Costco, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Chick-fil-a.

A 2005 move to Phoenix enabled a significant expansion of the company’s manufacturing capacity, with investments into cutting-edge equipment paying off in even lower prices and higher quality for customers. In 2008, Everyone Loves Buttons® received certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a women-owned business, making it one of the few in the industry to achieve this status.

Since its 2011 launch, the company’s online presence has allowed customers of all kinds to buy directly from Everyone Loves Buttons®. With five FastTrack production options to choose from, including guaranteed same-day turnaround, along with a range of shipping styles, customers have been able to easily tailor their orders to meet deadlines and budgets.

The new ordering feature makes this even simpler. After selecting a desired delivery date, customers will be presented with the most affordable available option, with the system automatically finding the best combination of FastTrack production and shipping speed. The new ordering system is active now at

About by Everyone Loves Buttons Inc.®:
Providing manufacturer-direct access to American-made customized buttons, brings the legendary quality, service, and pricing of Everyone Loves Buttons online for all to enjoy.


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